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Gregg Homme


If you thought that the lusty and daring world of underwear had seen it all, the latest creations from GREGG HOMME will make you think again.

Warning: may create a surge of unrestrained desire!

For over 40 years, Gregg Homme underwear has been offering men racy, distinctive styles that embrace freedom, diversity and originality. Wearing male apparel made under the Gregg Homme label allows men to celebrate the essence of their masculinity. This quality line, which was started by Canada’s Gregg McDonnell, is famous throughout the world. From Asia to the United States and from Europe to Australia—virtually everywhere—men love the Gregg Homme company’s attention to daring details, love of splashes of individuality and overall reinvention of the brief and other underwear styles.

Zippered low-rise briefs, loose mesh jocks and formal wear boxer briefs are some of the fun stylistic looks created by the Gregg Homme brand. Sheer see-through, nude look and the intimate bikini cut are all part of the Gregg Homme experience, which will free your spirit, enhance your sensuality and inspire your playful side. You’ll love the various products by Gregg Homme and so too will your partner.

Slinky and seductive, outlandish and tempting and arousing and inviting are just a few of the ways in which the pouches, thongs, bikinis and briefs by Gregg Homme can be described. Slip one on and you won’t want to slip it off until the time is just right. Underwear by Gregg Homme will make you confident, energized and relaxed, helping to define you from beneath your skin clear through to your outer layers of clothing.

If you desire intimate male apparel that celebrates masculinity in every stitch, line and detail, then Gregg Homme is for you. Gregg Homme underwear will welcome you, ensuring you’re secure while enabling you to express your individuality. You’ll feel so good, wherever you are will feel like home when you’re held by one of the fashions designed by the Gregg Homme group.