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Payment Information

All prices are shown in US Dollars by default.  You will be billed in US only.

There are 3 ways you can pay at PacificJock

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Postal Money Orders


Credit Cards

We accept payment via Visa and MasterCard through our secure online checkout.  We use the latest PCI compliant technology to encrypt your information, and only yourself and our secure world renowned payment processor will know your credit card number. 

We also utilize anti-fraud technology to better protect our customers and ourselves from unauthorized use of credit cards. 



You can also pay for your order using PayPal.  PayPal offers the ability to pay via credit card even if you do not have an account or log into your account to pay for the order.  You will be redirected to a PayPal secure payment page if you select this option. 


Postal Money Orders

We also accept United States Postal Money Orders.  These money orders have to be issued by USPS and they are PINK in color (international money orders).  Orders which are paid via this method will take a slight delay as the payment has to arrive to us first and then it has to clear before the shipments leaves our shipping center. 

 NOTE:  Suspected Credit Card Fraud

We reserve the right to delay shipping of any order which we deem to be of a possibly fraudulent nature while we investigate the payment.  We will contact you to discuss the matter.  We will not send stock, even after payment, in the event that we believe a credit card has been used without authorisation.  In this event, we will aim to resolve the issue with the buyer and if we are not satisfied that the credit card transaction is fully legitimate, we may choose to refund the transaction and cancel the order.  Please understand that this it is important for us to protect ourselves and our customers from credit card fraud.  This applies also to possible fraudulent transactions made via PayPal.